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Bandbond Origins t-shirt & free digital collectible
Limited edition
Limited edition – 100 units.
Premium quality t-shirt.
Deluxe presentation in collectors box.
Digital replica
collectors item
The legacy t-shirt comes with a digital collectible, preserving your legacy for the future.

Certified ownership and proof of authenticity on the blockchain.
The shirt
Limited edition – 100 units.
Premium quality t-shirt.
Deluxe presentation in a collectors box.
A new chapter.
It may not look metal at all, but this is the café in Gothenburg where the two friends Martin Brändström and Joacim Starander started talking about a digital tool for the metal community.

Five years have passed. The café is gone today, but the visions written on post-it notes during that meeting would become an app called Bandbond. Martin and Joacim were soon joined by a passionate team dedicated to making a difference for the music they love.

It's been a challenging ride in volatile times. But here we are, proud of the platform we run, still fighting for an environment for the metal community where passion can be felt and deep bonds created.

In 2022 we took a big stride forward by launching our festival tool. Seeing the reception is amazing, and the kindness and friendship within the Bandbond community is beyond words. It really boosts our spirits and makes us ready to take on 2023 creating a new chapter in our history.

To celebrate this occasion we introduce "Bandbond Collectibles". A limited edition Bandbond t-shirt designed by Niklas Sundin (Cabin Fever Media / ex-Dark Tranquillity), which comes with a free digital replica to be displayed in the app. A t-shirt can get worn out, but a digital item is forever, right?

Thanks for your support!
// Bandbond Team

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